Blessed is the reader who comes across the dynamic spiritual teachings of the great sage, Gayathri siddhar Swami Murugesu Mahahrishi who so lovingly spent time among common and ordinary men and women like ourselves as if he were one of us. During his time with us Swami rendered selfless service, relieving thousands from the suffering of sorrow and pain. Swami founded the vibrant Sri Lankatheesvarar Yogashram, and the Sri Gayathri Peetham International Trust in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka. Swami’s divine purpose for these establishments was to render selfless service to suffering humanity, and to guide truth-seekers to achieve life’s ultimate goal.

Swami Murugesu used the same teaching methods as the maharishis of ancient times, charging no fees. All his work was done in love for his guru, Dr. Pandit G. Kanniah Yogi, a sapta rishi from a hermitage in the dense jungle of the Nilgris hills of South India. Swami Murugesu is the founder of the great Gayathri Peedam in Sri Lanka, where he lived. In April 1998, he consecrated the Gayathri Peedam in South Africa.