Biography of Swami Murugesu

Swami Murugesu Maharishi was born Raman Kalimuthu Murugesu in Kandy, Sri Lanka on the 26th of October 1933. His family was so poor that Swami had to start work at the young age of twelve as a labourer in the fields. It was during this time that a mahatma appeared to Swami and gave him a mantra book on Lord Ganesha, from which Swami began to recite mantras. When he was a little older, Swami worked in a hotel as a waiter and a shoe-shiner. Sleeping in a railway station, and having no clean clothes, Swami would frequently starve and have to beg for food. There were many times during his life when Swami Murugesu lived the life of a beggar, sleeping outside and eating only what he was given, even if it was meat. He was not even able to wash his hands after he had eaten, but had to wipe them in his hair to clean them. But throughout these times Swami ate and behaved as if he was in a five star hotel!

One day, when Swami Murugesu was still a boy, he was asked by his guru, Sri Kanniah Yogi, to go to the nearest town, which was many miles distant, and buy rice and other necessities for the ashram. Before his departure, Swami was given a piece of copper by his guru and told to hold it between his hands, as if praying. Then, after walking a hundred feet or so into the nearby jungle, he was to look up at the sun, close his eyes and recite a specific mantra, given him by his guru. This was achieved successfully as, when Swami opened his eyes, he was standing outside the jungle about a hundred metres away from the town. When he opened his hands he found that the piece of copper had become gold, which he then used in charity work and to purchase the goods required in the town. To return to the ashram, the same process was repeated, and Swami instantly ‘arrived’ within ten metres of the entrance.

On another occasion, Swami was again in the dense jungle with a friend when a tiger leapt in front of them suddenly. The two immediately thought of their Guru and straight-away a deer crossed their path in front of the tiger so they could escape. One day eighteen rishis (ascended masters) appeared while Swami was with his guru. They gave Swami many things, some of which he was told to find by digging in the jungle. They also taught him great spiritual secrets including how to give life to a dead body. It is because of these experiences that we know Swami’s teachings are not merely a set of beliefs. They are a practiced way of life. Swami teaches that nothing in this world appears by accident or coincidence, but that everything is the consequence of Gayathri.

During swami’s physical sojourn on this material plane, he performed many difficult and rigorous spiritual sadhanas for long periods of time. Through these sadhanas Swami received tremendous spiritual power and, under the guidance of Sri Khannaih Yogi, perfected Cosmo-Mystic Meditation. Swami’s main emphasis was that meditation be the essential factor in spiritual sadhanas for both Self- and God-realization. Swami obtained great delight in sharing his knowledge and experiences gained with those who sought his presence, and always looked forward to giving spiritual guidance and participating in the performance of guru bhajans rendered by South African sadakas.

Swami knew that the thirst to seek God and higher levels of attainment is very strong in man no matter his origins. Many truth seekers from numerous countries - India, America, Sri Lanka, Germany, Malaysia, Europe and South Africa - have visited Swami to learn under his guidance after failing in their efforts to attain under other teachers. All teachings of Swami are for advancement and enlightenment. The ambrosia given in his words is to be shared by spiritual aspirants with individual guidance being obtained from Swami by deep meditation.

Swami Murugesu Maharishi attained mahasamadhi on the 24th September 2007 at 4.10 pm. This day, a Wednesday, was Nakshatra Dhamituta with Ekhadasi and Trayodasi overlapping each other, will be remembered forever. Mahasamadhi shrines have been erected for Swamiji in both the Nuwara Eliya and South African temples.

Fortunate are those who have come in contact with Swami Murugesu during his physical stay on this material plane. More fortunate are those who meditate on Swami and receive spiritual guidance.